What is Video Marketing || How To Get More Views On YouTube Channel

What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing.Views On YouTube

Are you currently doing video marketing online?

 If not it's something that you should be doing. Video marketing is the best option, and it can generate tons of free traffic for you. Some people are intimidated by the idea of creating videos and marketing online, but you shouldn't need to be afraid. At some point in time, you need to implement it into your marketing strategy.

I want to go over a few ways to do video marketing online. You see commercials on TV all the time, and you should understand that this is no different from having videos online. Some people have become highly famous and incredibly wealthy from video marketing alone. In fact, this is the basis of some peoples' businesses. If you can get this one thing right, you can provide yourself with endless traffic for years to come. Here's the first way to do video marketing online:

1) Upload videos to the popular video sites

Some people call them "video directories", but I like to label them as video sites. These are the same sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, and Dailymotion. As I said, there are a lot more than these that can be highly effective for you. Plus you won't have as much competition. And a lot of these sites have good rankings in the search engines. It's up to you to put your content on these sites.

When uploading your video, make sure to have some way to let people get back to your website. You can embed a display URL at the bottom of your video, and/or you can have your URL in the description area of your video. Either way, make sure it gets seen because if someone likes your information they will want more. So give them away to get more info from you simply and easily.

Creating the video is amazingly easy. Nowadays people simply use the camera feature on their smartphone to create their videos. But if you want to do this professionally, you might want to invest in some real camera equipment. The people that are making a lot of money, this is what they invest in. Some people have lighting, backdrops, camcorders, microphones, and more. It may seem excessive, but their videos look great, and their viewers like it.

For you, you may want to start off with a simple tripod and camcorder from Walmart. It's simple. All you need is a small camera that can capture your face (or your whole body if you prefer), and then start speaking your piece. The camcorder I bought for myself only cost me $100. This is cheap, and they're even cheaper nowadays with the popularity of the camera feature on smartphones. No matter what you choose, make sure you create the video and get it up on the video sites. Just the act of uploading onto these sites will generate views and traffic back to your website for you. Here's another tip for video marketing online:

2) Encourage viewers to like, share, and subscribe

This step is crucial. In order to get free distribution to your videos automatically, have people like, share, and subscribe to your channel. When people like your videos, it indicates that you have great content, and this is a great video. When people share your videos, you get free syndication and publicity. The more people sharing your videos, the more views you'll get, the more people will subscribe to your channel, and the more traffic you'll get back to your website.

Having people subscribe to your channel is essential. Every time you post a new video, when they login to the video site, they'll see your new content, click on it, and view what you have to say. This means more free publicity and more free traffic back to your site. With more subscribers, you'll have a consistent amount of viewers coming back to see your videos. This is essential.

If you're familiar with email marketing, I'm sure you know that the money is in the list. Similarly, with video marketing, you'll be able to get a consistent and predictable amount of views to your videos all the time with a lot of subscribers. Here's another tip for doing video marketing online:

3) Optimize your videos for the search engines

Now obviously the search engines can't decipher the words you're saying in your videos, but they can read the title, description, and tags you place. In the title of your videos, make sure you insert your main keyword term in it - preferably at the beginning. Also, mention it in the description of your videos, and also in the tags section of the video. This is important for a few reasons.

As you already know with search engine optimization, people who type in a particular keyword will more than likely see search results that have that keyword term in there. This is the same thing with marketing on video sites. It's easier to rank on video sites than it is to rank to Google. And even though YouTube is owned by Google (and is considered to be the 2nd largest search engine on the internet), it's still easy to get traffic to your content from this site. And the same is true for the other video sites online.

Video marketing online is essential for your growth and profitability. This one traffic strategy can bring you endless traffic and profitability for years to come. So if you're not doing video marketing right now, then it's time to do it - starting today. Most people don't find out about it until it's too late. Don't be one of these people.

Tips to Get More Views on YouTube Videos

Do you have a YouTube channel? If so, you may be looking for ways to get tons of views. According to statistics, YouTube videos get more than 1.5 billion views per day. On average, one viewer spends more than one hour on this platform. If your view counts are too low, we suggest that you follow this simple guide to grow your channel. Read on to know more.

1. Spur on your Existing Viewers to Subscribe

Your existing viewers are an ideal source of video views for your next videos. So, you should encourage them to subscribe to your channel. Once they subscribe, you will see a gradual increase in your view counts.

All you need to do is request them to hit the subscribe button on your channel. Adding a call to action for your videos is also a great idea. You may also want to place a subscription link in your video descriptions for search engine ranking.

2. Ask your Viewers about what they want to see

If you make videos that don't appeal to your viewers, you will barely get any views. So, what you should do is ask your viewers about what they want to see. As a matter of fact, uploading content that your audience loves is a great way of building viewership and keeping the attention of your audience.

3. Use Playlists for Better Watch Time

According to the statistics released by YouTube, top channels on the platform have a lot of playlists. Actually, these brands know the importance of auto-play. When the content is great, people will just continue to watch videos as they autoplay.

4. Use Cards and End Screens

With end screens and cards, you can direct your viewers to your other great content. Actually, cards work like pop-ups that show up during the playback. On the other hand, end-screens show up once your video ends.

5. Create SEO Titles and Descriptions

If people don't find your videos, they won't be able to watch them. In other words, you need to follow the best SEO strategies in order to make your content search engine friendly. So, what you need to do is add potential keywords when creating titles and descriptions. Make sure that the keywords are relevant to your videos.

You can use Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Google Trends in order to make a list of useful keywords for your video descriptions.

6. Use Compelling Thumbnails

Most people scan content rather than read. Similarly, on YouTube, they scan through the list of videos before they hit the play button. So, make sure that the thumbnails of your videos are compelling. It's not a good idea to use auto-generated thumbnails. Instead, you should use custom thumbnails.

In short, if you want your videos to get tons of views, we suggest that you follow the tips given in this article. With these tips, it will be much easier for you to grow your channel and get a lot more subscribers than before. Hope this helps.

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