What is Software? Features and Components of Software ||

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What is Software? Features and Components of Software ||

 what is software? 

The term software means non-tangible components of the computer system. In simple words, it consists of instruction to be passed to the computer to perform the desired function. Developing these sequential instructions is termed as programming. A  program is a set of instructions that directs the operation of a computer that is it makes the computer do something. 

: Some of the constituted items of software are described below:


The data on which the program operates is also considered as part of the software


It is a set of instructions to solve a particular problem


Comments are there to give meaning to different sections of the code.

4.Operating Procedures

It carries the details of instruction to set up and use the software system and instruction on how to read to system failure

What is Software? Features and Components of Software ||

Evolution of Software:

The term "software" was first used in this sense by John W. Tukey in 1957 later Caper Jones a renounced practitioner and researchers in the field of Software Engineering. Software evolution broadly categorized into four eras:

1.The first era-(The Pioneering era 1955-1965)

in the early years, very few systematic methods were in existence. The success was depending on an individual's performance and not on the process. The software was custom designed for each application and had relatively less distribution. jobs were run bu signing up for machine time or bu operational staff by putting punched cards for input into the machine's card reader and waiting for results to come back in the printer. This is the situation until nearly the mid-'60s.

2.The second era-(The Development era 1965-1970)

The second era begins in the mid of '60s and continued till the late '70s. Concepts of multi-users, real  time systems that collect, analyze, and transform data from multiple sources. Database product software developed for widespread distribution emerged in this era. a few projects caused loss of life.

3.The Third era-(The Software Crises late 1970-late 1980)

This is the spread over the late '70s to the late '80s. The main points of this era are the development of distributed systems; the emergence of embedded intelligence, low-cost hardware, and the most important of all was consumer impact as the use of personal computers boomed.

4.The Fourth era-The Micro era(late 1980 -present)

The fourth era started in the late '80s. The computer system evolution in his era moves from individual computers to the collective impact of computers and software. The Internet changed the concept of the stand-alone computers to computers in the network. Even the concept of the object-oriented approach is replacing the conventional software development approach.

What is Software? Features and Components of Software ||

Software Components:

By software components we mean various software that is complementing given software products, Software can't be isolated. It needs to be in communication with other existing software components too. Here are some kind of software components are:

What is Software? Features and Components of Software ||


Described the environment in which the software will operate, including the hardware platform, operating system and versions, and any other software components or applications with which it must peacefully coexist.


identify the various user classes that you anticipate will use this product. user classes may be differentiated based on the frequency of use.


list the user documentation components such as user manuals, online help, and tutorials that will be delivered along with the software.


The various external interface requirements are as follows

user interfaces

Hardware interfaces

Software interfaces

communication interfaces

Safety requirements

What is Software? Features and Components of Software ||


Features of Software:

The development of software must include the requirement for the development to be done in a cost-effective way, to be constrained by limits on resources and schedule.

The most common features of the software are as follows:

1. software is never finished

2. software is easily modified

3. software is communication

4. software is flexible in nature

5. software is expressive

6. software is huge

7.software is complex

8.software is expensive

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